LEGEND. Every one has a story.

Cannabis has been part of human culture since the beginning of time. Many generations have fought hard to keep this unrivaled tradition alive, weaving cannabis into our modern society while preserving its history. As one of the oldest known agricultural plants, native strains were selectively bred around the world, diversifying the cannabis variety we know today and elevating the legendary strains that got us here.

LEGEND™ aims to preserve the simplicity of cannabis and all that it has to offer. We focus on what matters and appreciate cannabis for what it is – a plant that has existed for thousands of years and has a long history of human use. Cannabis has remained steady throughout human existence, and yet there is still so much to uncover.

A deep concern in the cannabis industry includes excess packaging. With this in mind, our products are offered in minimal, no frills packaging. Our products are simple, minimal and offer more to go around.